When work takes you to the most beautiful places

Most of my clients will know that I have a deep-rooted passion for the island of Menorca, one of the Balearics and I like to spend as much time working out there as well as enjoying some ‘me time’ on occasion.

Menorca is renowned for its beaches and rightly so, but never overlook the interior as the island has a reputation as a botanist’s paradise, and in the spring months its sun-dappled rural meadows are carpeted with wild flowers. It is no small wonder that over 25 species of butterflies migrate from North Africa to the beautiful island of Menorca in May-June, which is a beautiful and colourful sight to behold.

Stunning architecture can be found in abundance including the Cathedral of Ciutadella, striking Town Hall structures, historical Forts, King Island Hospital on pretty Isla del Rei and many museums and sanctuaries; my favourite being Monte Toro. A peaceful, partly whitewashed sanctuary which sits at the top of Toro Mountain, which at almost 400 metres is the highest point on Menorca. The sanctuary has been an important site for pilgrimages and spiritual gatherings and its views are exceptional.

Over the last couple of years, I have been working with John Bladen, a local contemporary and scenescape artist in Menorca helping him to promote his paintings of beautiful Menorcan architecture.


John Bladen Art

This coming June will see the opening of his first ever solo exhibition in the stunning town of Es Mercadal, which will run from 5th-30th June, and we are incredibly excited to bring this project to life.

John was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire in 1952 and has lived on Menorca since 2006 and has been sharing his uniquely distinctive style ever since.

“I draw using fineliners, alcohol-based marker pens and also acrylic squeegee bottles of the type favoured by graffiti artists. My drawing/painting surfaces include watercolour paper, canvas, coated plyboard and wood panel, ranging in size from tiny scraps of paper to 6 foot x 3 foot canvas or wood panelling. Architecture is a favourite subject and is a constant theme in my artwork, although I also occasionally draw and paint botanicals in watercolour and abstracts using acrylic paint. I have exhibited at the Royal Watercolour Society, Bankside gallery, London and provided cover illustrations for several magazines here in Menorca and now I am thrilled to be opening my own exhibition in June.” JB, May 2022. 

I get to work with some very talented people here at Wendy Jennings Creative and no two days are ever the same in this job. I will be there to support John during the exhibition and increase his artistic presence throughout Menorca, wider Spain and in the UK, where he has many fans who have fallen in love with the island of Menorca just as much as I have.

To view John’s collection visit www.johnbladenoriginalart.co.uk


John Bladen Exhibition