Can’t afford to use a copywriter? In business, you can’t afford not to!

There is a big misconception about using a copywriter’s services. Cost is always an instant barrier, even before you’ve checked out the prices! It is assumed that it will automatically cost an arm, a leg and possibly even a kidney, right? Wrong. You only get once chance to make a good impression and here are a number of reasons why engaging the services of a decent copywriter can help your business:

Small is the new big

Your business card is probably the smallest piece of marketing you may own but one of the most important with a big job to do. A copywriter can ensure that your little card packs a powerful punch and introduces you perfectly; that it has the right information available and your business has a memorable strapline. DIY jobs on print websites (don’t mention the ‘V word’) don’t always work out to be the cheapest option – especially if the end product is inferior in quality and contains errors! A copywriter will also be a demon proofreader to ensure perfection for you.

Gone surfing

Your website is probably your biggest financial investment and also another first port of call for many; your content should do more than just be an information hub. It needs to engage your reader, give a big boost your Google rankings and reinforce your brand message. Keeping it simple is key. In this fast-paced world we live in today, we want to see the information we are looking for instantly, not trawl through a sea of copy to find it. If your site doesn’t grab the attention of your visitors, they are only a mouse click away from your competition. Patience is not a virtue for some when it comes to surfing the web! Your copywriter will know exactly how to place your copy for maximum effect.


Once your new visitor has arrived, you will only have a couple of words or sentences and only a few seconds to fuel their interest. If you’re having a go yourself, it is often tempting to employ clever headings to do this, but don’t over complicate it – you may be confusing your readers rather than impressing them. A good copywriter will find an amazing blend of words to ensure your reader is hooked and wants to read more about you, get in touch and do business.

What about SEO?

So, what is SEO copywriting? Isn’t it just the words that go into a website? The short answer is: No. The slightly longer answer is: Key words are of paramount importance when writing copy which will then be search engine optimised to increase your chances of achieving an organic page 1 position on Google. It may sound simple, but it’s not that easy; how can you write a quality piece of copy loaded with key words and actually make it flow? You’ve guessed it!

A great SEO copywriter will know how to cleverly knit together seamless copy, covering all the key words you need to boost your copy and your Google rankings. Anything less and you simply won’t get the results that search engines and your website visitors are looking for.

The Blog Bog

Most websites now will have a blog page; this is a great way to keep your site regularly updating so that search engine spiders can crawl (yes that is a real thing), find your new stuff and boost your rankings further. Blogs give customers an inside look into your company as well as an overview of your brand, your ethos and goals. Blogging makes your customers feel valued that you want to connect with them, whilst at the same time, building your brand, client trust and giving your business some seriously free PR! Did you know that according to a recent HubSpot survey, 60% of businesses who regularly blog win more customers? So, if you are firmly stuck in the blog bog and totally stumped about what to write, a professional copywriter can help get you unstuck!

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