1. I can’t afford a copywriter; they are just too expensive!

Wrong. This is not an episode of MadMen (thank you Netflix) and I am no longer part of an ad agency where client expense accounts are endless lunches and bottomless boozy pits. I understand the end game for sole traders, SMEs and big brands alike – to have a voice, be heard, captivate your audience and sell. I charge £40 per hour no VAT; no big bills or surprises. All work is quoted for and agreed in advance. I am a time saver and more importantly, a sanity saver for my clients. If you work out your hourly rate and then work out how long you labour over copywriting for your business, what does that equal? I bet it’s more than £40 per hour!

2. Copywriting is easy; anyone can do it!

Technically you can, yes – if you can write, you can write copy, but is it good copy? For example, as a sole trader you have to write business card straplines, emails, blogs, website content, multi-platform social media posts, video scripts, leaflet copy, business pitches and marketing brochures just for starters. That’s a lot to get done. The creative process can be challenging at times even for the pros. I love this quote from Ernest Hemingway – not a copywriter, but a superb wordsmith! “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” (But in a good way!)

3. Copywriters don’t work as a team!

Rubbish! Although I may work alone a lot of the time, I am supported by an awesome team of other creatives who are all happy to be my sounding board and to bounce ideas around with. The whole creative process interlinks, and decent copywriting will be influenced by and complement all sorts of other aspects such as design, photography, website build and structure, as well as considering the message of the client in terms of strategy, business development, marketing platforms, and many more elements. Each person adds something unique that needs to be interpreted effectively by a copywriter. I love working with my regular team of web developers, graphic designers and photographers – these creative relationships only improve the end product for the client.

4. Copywriting and article writing are the same thing!

No, no and thrice no! Just because you write some copy doesn’t make it copywriting. Copywriting is a different skill set entirely because copy and content are totally different. Copywriting is writing that sells things; services, products or concepts and encourages the audience to buy or take action. Copywriting requires expertise in including core benefits, features, calls to action and brand voice to name a few. Content and editorial writing inform and engage the reader with no real purpose other than to…well, inform and engage! There is no impetus to buy from this form of writing.

5. You work in your pyjamas!

Really? Some copywriters might, but I certainly don’t. As a freelance copywriter, working from home still raises eyebrows; undoubtedly endless tea-breaks and Jeremy Kyle on catch-up. Home-workers are often dimly viewed. However, when I am not writing, I am out visiting clients, working in their offices, having meetings, or attending networking events to boost my business…all in proper daytime clothes.

If you want to take the stress out of copywriting for your business without breaking the bank, contact Wendy Jennings on hello@wendyjenningscreative.co.uk or call 07970 183487