Why I decided to write an eBook.

Starting a new business can be really exciting –choosing a name, designing a logo, ordering business cards, setting up a website/Facebook page other social media accounts etc, however the financial side of things often get overlooked. One question I get asked a lot from my clients is ‘How on earth do I set up and run the financial side of my business without going crazy – it all seems so scary and confusing?!’

It is really important to make sure that you are legal from day one, but the financial side of your business can be a minefield. Should I be self employed or set up a limited company? How do I register? Do I have to complete a tax return? How do I pay myself? What expenses can I put through my business?

eBookI decided to write my eBook to help guide business owners through setting up their business, and make it as straightforward as possible. My handy business start-up guide covers the basic accounting practices required to run a business and keep the tax man happy. It’s jam-packed of bite size chunks of easy to digest material which will help you to focus clearly on what needs to be done. There are lots of helpful and relevant links in the right places guiding you to my website and helpful external sites, and is full of useful top tips to get you focused and keep you on track when managing your business and its money.

It covers everything from the structure to use for your business, how to set it up, and what needs doing during the year and at year end, including the dreaded tax return! Everything is in one place and made simple.

Being in business on my own it was also great to work with other business owners including Wendy. With words not being my forte (I am a numbers girl!) Wendy’s help and support was invaluable in making my idea a reality.

For more information on my eBook please visit my website www.chaccountancy.co.uk/ebook where you can download a sample. The full book is also available on iBooks and Amazon Kindle.