6 things to consider before booking your business photoshoot

You have started your business; your website is nearly ready, your social media is all set up, and now you are ready for your business photoshoot. You want to stand out from the crowd but you also want people to connect with you. You want the photos to represent the person you are and you also want to look professional. Where to start?

Kama Collage1. Find a photographer that you feel comfortable with and can discuss ideas with. The energy you are feeling on the day of your shoot will shine through in your photos. You want to make sure you are feeling at ease and that your photographer is able to communicate easily with you.

2. You want your audience to understand your business, to catch a glimpse of your uniqueness, and to connect with your message. How do you do that? It is all about you, your essence, your magic, your business message, your personality, and your magnetism. Ponder the following questions:

a) Which parts of your personality are valuable for the work you do?

b) What makes your business unique?

c) What do you want people to know about you?

3. Dare to stand out from the crowd. Many entrepreneurs believe that in order to be taken seriously in business they need to present themselves in a traditional business headshot style. This is not necessarily true for you. Your business is unique to you. I encourage you to show what makes you unique and to connect with potential clients who speak your language.

4. Be your own kind of unique. Unique doesn’t always mean vibrant, loud, or off the charts crazy. Your uniqueness could be that you love to wear green and purple, or that you play an instrument, or you use pineapple in every recipe. Your uniqueness could seem obvious to you but not to your potential tribe. Allow your photographs to show your business uniqueness while also showing that you are comfortable.

5. Think about your branding. What colours are going to represent you? Which words speak about you? How can these be reflected in your photos? How will people continuously recognise your brand from your photos?

Kama Logo6. The practical stuff. Do you want a hair stylist and make up artist? When do you like your hair the best, just after a cut or a few weeks later? What will you wear? Does your choice match all of the above? Does your clothing reflect who you are when people meet you? What kind of setting do you want? Formal, relaxed, in the kitchen, outside in nature? Where would you work with clients normally?

The bonus tip: HAVE FUN! Wow this is your business photoshoot, how exciting is that! Enjoy the moment. Allow your energy to flow through the photos.

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