Coronavirus and your content

Fact: Coronavirus is bad. Never before have we seen anything like this and its impact on our health, our businesses and the world economy and we don’t really know what is ahead of us.

Reality: We knew lockdown was coming – it had to. Over the last few days my clients and peers have been asking what is going to happen to our businesses because of the lockdown scenario we now find ourselves in. People are panicking about lack of government support for the self-employed and some are making bad decisions when they are stressed.

I’d just ask you to take a minute. To breathe. To think and try not to panic.

Time to review your written content

Reassurance: I wanted to get in touch to let you know that whilst we are all caught up in this coronavirus outbreak and its impact on our businesses, Wendy Jennings Creative is still open and continuing to offer copywriting and proofreading business support to business owners everywhere. I work from home 99% of the time, client meetings happen online and over the phone – we don’t need to physically meet to get shit done – we can stay safe and sane together!

Action: If things have slowed down for you, now is a good time to review your website content or printed material, start blogging, or update your LinkedIn profile. I am here to help you strengthen your brand and your message to your clients, ready for when we come out stronger on the other side of this.

Take very good care of yourself and each other.
Regards, Wendy

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